The People

50 people listen to 'The People' by WB Yeats on a London street. Choose who listens and the soundtrack of voiceover, music and atmosphere they listen to.

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The People creates a series of 4 minute films that redefines the soundtrack in new media film.

Read The People Artistic Statement for more info.

Notable attention to date:


The People Artistic Statement

An overview of The People and how its open and adaptable soundtrack affects the image and our response to it.

Jane As Text

An introduction to the literary structure, interface and thinking behind Jane.

Hackney Girl Artistic Statement

This is the Artistic Statement sent to galleries, media art and film festivals around the world. A good place to start for an overview of the work.

Hackney Girl Structure

A detailed overview of the narrative structure and how clips are constrained by probability values and ordered within certain restraints.

Notes Toward a Definition of Blipmedia

Written way back in April 2003 after the release of Hackney Girl, this is a whirlwind tour of the possibilities I encountered and contextualises the work in terms borrowed from Chaos Theory.

Jane Scenario Generator

Jane is a non-linear dialogue for two actors. Two friends, Jake and John, talk about their wives and a woman they share called Jane.

Start Jane Scenario Generator

This interface generates an infinite number of conversations based on what you choose from the master script. You can then change the dialogue by using the various line alternatives and then save it as a text file.

For a more details, read the Jane As Text.


Hackney Girl

Hackney Girl is a video diary about moving from London to Istanbul in 2002. It is a love-story and a road movie with cats, football and mosques.

Play Hackney Girl

It edits itself, which means you get a markedly different version each time you see it. Versions last 12-18 minutes depending on the shot selection determined by the computer. See it twice to see what it is really all about.

For a more details, read the artistic statement.

The work has been in a dozen media art festivals around the world. It won the Best Narrative Award in Flash in The Can Festival 2004 in Canada. Notable attention to date: